The Agile Group assists professional sports teams, associations, facilities, and organizations both large and small to identify and achieve their management goals.


Owner’s Representation: We offer Owner’s Representation services to manage the project on our client’s behalf through to completion. Services include:
~ Land use planning;
~ Strategic planning;
~ Design and budget management;
~ Program development;
~ Serve as a single point of contact between contractors and designer;
~ Represent the owner at key meetings;
~ Monitor the project schedule and budget;
~ Audit quality assurance control procedures; and
~ Executive reporting.

Feasibility Studies: Our team develops feasibility studies for projects of all varieties to help our clients understand their project before committing. The Feasibility Studies objectively identify the following factors regarding project potential customized for the project under consideration:
~ Market and income demographics;
~ Industry trends;
~ Competition;
~ Project specifications;
~ Existing and potential operating/service opportunities;
~ Economic impact
~ Financial feasibility and budgets; and
~ Permitting and environmental barriers.

Risk management

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Develop security and non-security SOPs to mitigate your risk through advising on best practices, managing document creation and revision, and implementing changes. Includes the development of accompanying materials (e.g. post Orders, dot maps, matrices etc.).

Business Continuity Plans (BCPs): Develop a customized guide for developing a BCP, coordinate the information sharing, and write the final BCP.

Tabletop Exercises (TTX): Develop scenarios, presentations, and scripts for TTXs. Our team also provides experts to moderate and coordinate the exercise on-site, take minutes, lead the Hot Wash, and produce After Action Reviews.

Operations & Safety Evaluations and Checklists: Create guidelines and checklists for evaluating existing operations so an organization can identify areas for improvement and mitigate risk.

Floor Plans: Our team’s experienced staff work with our clients to create detailed floor plans, regular facility and event-specific layouts, staffing models and timelines to maximize the utility of each space within a venue. We then implement a process that allows for the standardization of how and when those spaces are set up and staffed. This standardized approach also creates a cost model that considers all options for an event, and determines the ideal space, set up, and staffing level for a client to maximize revenue generation.

Additional Services

Through our strategic partners, we offer these additional Management Advisory services:
~ Management Consulting
~ Event Production
~ Risk Assessments
~ Graphic Design
~ Crisis Communications
~ CAD Services